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“I remember my
grandfather’s stories
about Lebanon
in the  summer
- sunny days,
warm nights
family gatherings,
singing, laughing…”



The Lebanese Nationality Program is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants, for people of Lebanese heritage around the world to apply for Lebanese Nationality and to benefit from their business, financial, consular, personal, social and political rights as Lebanese, wherever they are. In particular, this initiative is relevant for the large Lebanese communities in different countries all over the world.

View the resources in the Nationality Toolkit to check whether you are eligible and how to apply.

“My parents are from Lebanon but I have never been there. I want to connect with my parents' home country...”

Who is Eligible for Lebanese Nationality
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You are eligible if:
  • You have a father or grandfather with Lebanese origins, who left Lebanon and did not register their children as citizens
  • You are the foreign wife of a Lebanese man

“My Lebanese heritage is part of who I am. It may not define all of me, but it's a crucial part that I want to discover...”

Benefit from the new Lebanese law to claim your Lebanese Nationality and preserve your heritage.

Business & Financial Rights

Business & Financial Rights

On an international platform, living in Lebanon has many fiscal advantages.

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On an international platform, Lebanon has many advantages in the banking system that Lebanese in the world can freely benefit from, namely:
The moderate Lebanese fiscal and tax system that is based on the following:
The non-existence of income tax for Lebanese residents, unless they are performing a taxable occupation or profession. In such case, tax is calculated on the basis of the income or the profits generated from activities conducted in Lebanon.
  • The non-existence of a general progressive income tax for individuals
  • The moderate system governing holdings and offshore companies, exonerates them of taxes and subjects them to a modest hump-sum duty
  • The exemption of double taxation with countries having signed an agreement with Lebanon on the matter
  • The Minimal income taxes applied in Lebanon, and applied only to revenues generated on the Lebanese territory
The Lebanese Banking Secrecy system is defined by the law of 1956; This law protects the confidentially of bank customers and safeguards their wealth, while strictly respecting and applying international rules and regulations on the flight against money laundering and financing of terrorism. The Lebanese banking system is characterized by:
  • Highly skilled and competent bank management and the excellence of services offered
  • The freedom of capital flow between Lebanon and the world, as well as total freedom of capital markets operations
  • The joint account system that, upon the death of one of the account holders, allows the other account holder to dispose of the totality of amounts in the account, with no legal obligation to any succession taxes
The right to obtain credit facilities granted by the Lebanese Habitat Bank at competitive and attractive conditions

Personal Advantages

Personal Advantages

Capitalize on your entrepreneurial rights to establish businesses or own properties in your homeland, Lebanon.

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  • The right to own property in Lebanon, without prior authorization or limitation regarding the surface or the number of lots to acquire
  • The right to invest and establish business in Lebanon
  • The rights to the privileges of the free-trade Markets agreements between Lebanon and many Arab countries
  • The right to work and to establish commercial activities in Lebanon
  • The right to reside in Lebanon permanently, with no need for entry visa or residence permit
  • The right to join the public administration service in Lebanon, whether military or civil positions
  • Tax exemption on furniture, in case of moving to Lebanon
  • Inheritance rights in Lebanon, with no condition of reciprocity
Consular Rights

Consular Rights

Take advantage of your consular rights, including inheritance, legal assistance, consular protection & others.

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  • The right to repatriation to Lebanon, if the need arises, at the expense of the Lebanese public treasury
  • The right to assistance in case of legal proceedings, arrests, or imprisonment abroad
  • The right to assistance in matters of inheritance...
  • The right to consular protection granted to all Lebanese expatriates in case of an aggression carried out against them or their properties...
  • The right to assistance in case of natural catastrophes, as well as physical and material damages
The right to accept, retain and execute testaments at the Lebanese diplomatic or consular mission
Social Rights

Claim your social rights to education, health care, social security & others.

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  • The right to free education including primary, secondary and university studies
  • The right to the health-care benefits
  • The right to social security
Political Rights

Exercise your political rights.

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  • The right to vote at municipal and legislative elections
  • The right to be a candidate for any political position (legislative, municipal...)
  • The right to be appointed to any political or official function (diplomatic, ministerial...)

1-Check if you are eligible >>

Please note that the procedure to recover your Lebanese Nationality is free of charge.

2-Fill the Registration Application

Follow the link sent to you by email to fill the application. Be sure to print and sign the application

4-Track your Application

Input your Applicant Number and Date of Birth, to track your application.

the application

Mail the application to your nearest Lebanese Diplomatic Mission

4-Track your Application

Input your Applicant Number and Date of Birth, to track your application.

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